About Us

Classic Doll Modes LLC strives to offer high quality and hard to find supplies for doll makers and doll costumers. Carol Tribble has owned and operated CDM since 1995. She is a Doll Artisan Guild™ instructor and winner of multiple top awards in porcelain doll making. Learn porcelain doll making in a weekly class taught by Carol, and focus on special projects in 2-4 day seminars.

CDM offers a wide range of the finest quality brushes and brush kits, designed for painting porcelain dolls and decorative projects. Doll makers have loved these brushes for many years when they were sold by Seeley’s.

We directly import hand blown glass doll eyes from Lauscha, Germany, which has been a center for glass making for generations.  We stock a wide variety of sizes and styles.  The round German style are popular for repairs to antique dolls.

Doll costumers will love our gorgeous Mokuba trims from Japan, fine silk and cotton fabrics, and dress patterns to inspire doll costumes.

Glass cabochons and ground cork are some of the hard to find supplies that we stock. We also offer molds not available elsewhere because they were made from Carol’s antique dolls.